About us

Welcome to EuroReach!

Euroreach is a training and eductech company for both individuals and groups through face-to-face and virtual settings. Our trainers are qualified to use student-centred methodology, and are qualified to EQF level 5 and above.

We offer a variety of courses such as communication skills, AI design, VR, Big data basics, presentations, English language, creativity, entrepreneurship, team building, university preparation, soft skills, and customized courses tailored to meet the specific needs of students.


Euroreach has its roots in Eurospeak UK, a highly successful language school accredited by the British Council for over 30 years, which also led to the establishment of Eurospeak Ireland. This lineage has contributed to our teaching pedigree and expertise.

Lastly,  Euroreach employs a team of multilingual staff fluent in English, Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Hindi, and Italian

High level of competence

Moving 100s of people towards their goal.

By giving people the information, tools, and resources they need to stay motivated and engaged while learning and advance at their own speed, we assist people in achieving their goals. We offer students current, useful, and goal-relevant knowledge that is pertinent to the industry. We offer professional development classes and programmes that help individuals to acquire new skills, enhance their knowledge, and advance in their jobs. We give students access to a helpful network of peers and mentors who can offer direction, criticism, and encouragement. We assist people in achieving their goals by offering them the necessary assistance, resources, and direction.


Guaranteed results

In order to influence a learner's outcomes, Euroreach ensures high-quality content, efficient teaching strategies, and learner support. We offer a variety of ways to assist students in achieving their objectives, staying on course, and succeeding.

Perfect implementation

By combining quality assurance procedures, and continual feedback and assessment, Euroreach ensures smooth programme execution. To guarantee that the programme meets student needs and offers the best possible learning experience, we regularly observe our teachers and offer them CPD.

International Outlook

Euroreach has a vast SM network which helps us to keep our fingers on the pulse of trends in the job market. Thanks to our participation in Erasmus+ projects we have connections with international schools, universities and social enterprises.

Get in touch! We are looking forward to start a new project.